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Boiler Servicing

When should i have my boiler serviced?

It is highly recommended by the industry that your boiler is serviced annually to reduce the possible risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide can occur in a damaged, faulty or badly maintained boiler (or appliance).

All gas boiler manufacturers also strongly recommend that your boiler is serviced annually by a qualified engineer.

If you have any doubts as to the history of your boiler, eg; new home, you should have it inspected.


Why should my boiler be serviced?

  • Reduce the costs & chances of possible breakdowns and repairs

  • To keep the appliance running at optimal efficiency

  • Help save money through lower gas usage

  • Ensure the Boiler is working safely



How do I know my boiler needs a service?

There are various warning signs which will identify when your boiler requires a service:

  • Your boiler is not functioning properly

  • Pilot light keeps extinguishing

  • An odd smell when the boiler is being used

  • Audible bang from the boiler on ignition

  • Excessively hot water from the tap

  • Black soot appearing on the boiler case

  • You haven't had your boiler serviced within the last year or you're unsure of the boiler history.


Book your boiler service

If you request a boiler service, we can normally attend within 24 hours. All our gas engineers are highly experienced and fully qualified to handle the servicing of your boiler. We can service most types of boilers, including open vent, condensing boilers, non-condensing boilers & combination or 'combi' boiler.

When one of our experienced engineers visit your property, a number of checks and tasks will be performed on your boiler:

  • Closely inspect your boiler and various controls to ensure they are operating correctly and most importantly, safely.

  • Visually inspect your boiler. We will be looking for any possible corrosion or leaks.

  • Rate of gas consumption/gas pressure will be checked to ensure it is operating correctly. If these tests fail, adjustments can where possible be made to rectify the problem.

  • Perform a flue gas analysis to check for dangerous emissions.

  • Remove the burner where required and thoroughly clean.

  • Check ventilation is safe and free from obstructions.

  • Inspect electrical connections.

  • Remove any build up from the heat exchanger

  • Ensure the flue is clear


Once the service has been completed by an engineer, they will record the details of the service into the boilers logbook if available. It will explain the checks completed and any required work to meet safety standards. A record will be made of when the boiler needs to be serviced again for your knowledge. Where appropriate, recommendations may be made of any required repairs and/or work that may be advised in the future.


The industry absolutely recommend that you should never, attempt to service your own boiler.

You should always use a qualified Gas Safe Engineer to carry out servicing and gas repairs on your boiler or other gas appliance.



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