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Boiler Installation FAQs

Help...I need a new boiler!

Installation of a new boiler is a major household investment with an expensive cost attached. Selecting the correct boiler and choosing a reputable company for installation can be daunting. We believe we offer the best installation service in Nottingham, with quality workmanship, honest advice and a friendly qualified engineer being critical.

Our experience and constant research has shown us what the most financially economic boilers are, compared with cheaper boilers, which have a shorter lifespan and often cost more to maintain over time. However as we are fully qualified engineers, able to install most boiler manufactures we will still fit to your choice.


What boiler do i need?

Choosing the correct boiler is critical to your requirements. An insufficiently sized boiler will have to work harder, for longer, becoming less energy efficient and will most likely lead to your boiler requiring premature attention. All homes have different needs, varying room sizes, amount of hot water outlets, eg showers, baths, sinks, number of floors all need to be considered. Consideration should also be given for any plans to extend your home, as this will have a direct impact on your boiler requirements. We can help you determine the correct boiler for your home and organise the installation.

Contact us today on 07494231892 email or book a Boiler Installation survey to discuss your new boiler installation.

Will you fit my own boiler?

If you have decided on a particular boiler which you have sourced yourself, we can also provide a quote for installation only, you will still benefit from our 12 month workmanship guarantee and the manufacturers warranty. We are qualified to undertake all domestic gas boiler installations.

If you are considering sourcing your own boiler we personally recommend the following boiler manufactures,

Check out our Boiler Guide for more boiler related information

All workmanship undertaken is covered by our 12 month workmanship guarantee. All supplied boilers and parts required are covered by manufacturers guarantees.

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