Combi Boiler Swap from £1099

The i-Mini from Ideal is one of the smallest combi boilers available, and is perfect for places where space is at a premium. Despite the small, compact dimensions it may be surprising that its also more than capable of fulfilling the heating and hot water requirements of a small to mid sized property quite easily. Available in 24 and 30kW outputs, the Ideal i-Mini is the perfect boiler for cupboard installations.


  • Central Heating Output: 24kW

  • DHW Flowrate: 9.9 litres/min


The i-Mini from Ideal has been designed with quick installation and convenient storage in mind, with no compromise to performance.

The i-Mini features proven technology from Ideal, making it the perfect choice for those searching for a small scale heating solution.

Supplied with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, the i-Mini is the 'Ideal' solution.


i-Mini Features

  • Domestic pre heat hot water

  • Aluminium silicone heat exchanger

  • Brass water set

  • Compact cupboard fit

  • Switchable pre heat

  • Two year parts and labour warranty

Price advertised is for an Ideal i-Mini 24 Combination Boiler fully fitted in place of an existing combination boiler.

The fitted price does not include any requirement for a room thermostat or filter.